Rewari, HARYANA State Post Office and Pin Code List

Rewari Pincode have 114 Post Office which can be deliver post code.

Pin Code of Rewari contains six-digit numbers starting from 1. The city has grown largely over some time and hence to help the India Post staff to segregate the letters easily, the regions are divided into sorting districts and the usage of Rewari Zip Code on the letter helps to specify the correct area into which the letter has to be delivered.

Office Name PostCode Address Longitude/Latitude
Ahrod123102123102, Ahrod, Ahrod, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Asiaki gorawas123035123035, Asiaki Gorawas, Rewari, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
B b ashram123401123401, B B Ashram, B B Ashram, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Bachhod123021123021, Bachhod, Mandi Ateli, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Badhrana123412123412, Badhrana, Rewari, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Baghthala123501123501, Baghthala, Baghthala, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Baldhan kalan123411123411, Baldhan Kalan, Rewari, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Balwari123103123103, Balwari, Rewari, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Banipur123501123501, Banipur, Banipur, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Basbatori123101123101, Basbatori, Basbatori, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Basduda123102123102, Basduda, Basduda, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Bhakli123302123302, Bhakli, Bhakli, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Bhatsana123106123106, Bhatsana, Bhatsana, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA76.7538514, 28.1682416
Bhojawas123034123034, Bhojawas, Bhojawas, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Bhotwas ahir123101123101, Bhotwas Ahir, Bhotwas Ahir, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Bikaner123401123401, Bikaner, Bikaner, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA76.6083104, 28.2563268
Bithwana123401123401, Bithwana, Bithwana, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA76.6094997, 28.1597635
Bocharia123021123021, Bocharia, Mandi Ateli, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Boria kamalpur123401123401, Boria Kamalpur, Boria Kamalpur, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIANOT AVAILABLE, NOT AVAILABLE
Budhpur123401123401, Budhpur, Budhpur, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Buroli123411123411, Buroli, Buroli, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Burthala123302123302, Burthala, Bhrthala, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Chita dungra123102123102, Chita Dungra, Chita Dungra, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Dakhora123411123411, Dakhora, Dakhora, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA76.4143664, 28.3510281
Daroli123411123411, Daroli, Daroli, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA76.4765519, 28.3300665
Dehlawas gulabpur123401123401, Dehlawas Gulabpur, Dehlawas Gulabpur, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Dewas123034123034, Dewas, Dewas, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIANOT AVAILABLE, NOT AVAILABLE
Dhana123034123034, Dhana, Dhana, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Dharuhera123106123106, Dharuhera, Dharuhera, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Dhawana123103123103, Dhawana, Dhawana, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Dunderwas123106123106, Dunderwas, Dunderwas, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA76.7194618, 28.1954521
Garhi bolni123401123401, Garhi Bolni, Garhi Bolni, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Gokal bazar rewari123401123401, Gokal Bazar Rewari, Rewari, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA76.6190774, 28.1919738
Gokalgarh123401123401, Gokalgarh, Gokalgarh, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Gothra123102123102, Gothra, Gothra, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Gothra123411123411, Gothra, Gothera, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Gugodh123302123302, Gugodh, Gugodh, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Gujar majra123501123501, Gujar Majra, Gujar Majra, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIANOT AVAILABLE, NOT AVAILABLE
Guraora123035123035, Guraora, Guraora, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIANOT AVAILABLE, NOT AVAILABLE
Guriani123301123301, Guriani, Guriani, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA76.5352602, 28.359814
Industrial area dharuhera123110123110, Industrial Area Dharuhera, Dharuhera, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Jaisinghpur khera123501123501, Jaisinghpur Khera, Jaisinghpur Khera, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Jakhala123301123301, Jakhala, Jakhala, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Jatusa r.s.123401123401, Jatusa R.S., Jatusana Rs, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIANOT AVAILABLE, NOT AVAILABLE
Jhabuwa123501123501, Jhabuwa, Jhabuwa, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Jhagroli123034123034, Jhagroli, Jhagroli, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA76.2080768, 28.3006762
Jhal123302123302, Jhal, Jhal, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Juddi123302123302, Juddi, Juddi, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Kannaura123035123035, Kannaura, Kannaura, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIANOT AVAILABLE, NOT AVAILABLE
Kanwali123411123411, Kanwali, Kanwali, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Karawara123035123035, Karawara, Karawara, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Karnawas123302123302, Karnawas, Karnawas, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Karnawas123401123401, Karnawas, Karnawas, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Khaleta123103123103, Khaleta, Khaleta, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Khandora123401123401, Khandora, Khandora, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Kharkhara123106123106, Kharkhara, Kharkhara, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Khol123103123103, Khol, Khol, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Khori123101123101, Khori, Khori, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Kolana123102123102, Kolana, Kolana, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Kosli r s123302123302, Kosli R S, Kosli R S, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Kosli123302123302, Kosli, Kosli, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Kund123102123102, Kund, Kund, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA76.394749, 28.1458911
Lisan123411123411, Lisan, Lisan, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA76.3724106, 28.3539469
Lula ahir123302123302, Lula Ahir, Lula Ahir, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Maheshwari123106123106, Maheshwari, Maheshwari, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Majra gurdas123401123401, Majra Gurdas, Majra Gurdas, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Majra sheoraj123401123401, Majra Sheoraj, Majra Sheoraj majra Sheoraj, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Mamaria ahir123101123101, Mamaria Ahir, Mamaria Ahir, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Mandi ateli123021123021, Mandi Ateli, Mandi Ateli, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Mandola123103123103, Mandola, Mandola, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Masani123106123106, Masani, Masani, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Mastapur123401123401, Mastapur, Mastapur, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Mayan123103123103, Mayan, Mayan, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Model town rewari123401123401, Model Town Rewari, Rewari, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Mohanpur123401123401, Mohanpur, Mohanpur, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA76.5126168, 28.0461065
Motla kalan123411123411, Motla Kalan, Motla Kalan, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Mundi123411123411, Mundi, Mundi, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Musepur123401123401, Musepur, Musepur, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Nahar123303123303, Nahar, Nahar, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Naichana123501123501, Naichana, Naichana, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Nand rampurbass123106123106, Nand Rampurbass, Nand Rampurbas, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Nangal123501123501, Nangal, Nangal, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Nangal jamalpur123102123102, Nangal Jamalpur, Nangal Jamalpur, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Nangal pathani123401123401, Nangal Pathani, Nangal Pathani, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIANOT AVAILABLE, NOT AVAILABLE
Nangal teju123501123501, Nangal Teju, Nangal Teju, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Nangli godha123401123401, Nangli Godha, Nangli Godha, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
New anaz mandi rewari123401123401, New Anaz Mandi Rewari, New Anaz Mandi Rewari, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Nimoth123411123411, Nimoth, Nimoth, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Palhawas123035123035, Palhawas, Palhawas, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Pali123102123102, Pali, Pali, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Pathera123034123034, Pathera, Pathera, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Pithrawas123101123101, Pithrawas, Rewari, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Pranpura123501123501, Pranpura, Pranpura, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Punsika123101123101, Punsika, Punsika, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Rajgarh123412123412, Rajgarh, Rajgarh, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Raliawas123106123106, Raliawas, Raliawas, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Rampuri123411123411, Rampuri, Rampuri, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Rattanthal123301123301, Rattanthal, Rattanthal, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA76.593611, 28.3919414
Rewari123401123401, Rewari, Rewari, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Rohrai123401123401, Rohrai, Rohrai, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Sadat nagar123302123302, Sadat Nagar, Sadat Nagar, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Saharanwas123401123401, Saharanwas, Saharanwas, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Sangwari123401123401, Sangwari, Sangwari, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Shyam nagar123302123302, Shyam Nagar, Shayam Nagar, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Siha123411123411, Siha, Siha, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Sulkha123401123401, Sulkha, Sulkha, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIANOT AVAILABLE, NOT AVAILABLE
Sundrah123034123034, Sundrah, Sundrah, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA,
Surethi123302123302, Surethi, Surethi, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIANOT AVAILABLE, NOT AVAILABLE
Suthana123501123501, Suthana, Suthana, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIANOT AVAILABLE, NOT AVAILABLE
Tankri123412123412, Tankri, Tankri, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Tehsil road rewari123401123401, Tehsil Road Rewari, Rewari, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X
Tint123101123101, Tint, Tint, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Tumna123302123302, Tumna, Tumna, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966, 22.5446
Zainabad123411123411, Zainabad, Zainabad, Rewari, HARYANA , INDIA88.5966X, 22.5446X

Rewari Post offices provide an array of services to the customers be it financial services like providing savings schemes like Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP), National Savings Certificates (NSC), Public Provident Fund (PPF), Sukhanya Sammriddhi Scheme (SSS).

It is necessary to mention the proper Zip code of Rewari in the mails as it is just not mere numbers but it is the identification of a location. The Rewari Postal Code is as important as a data structure as they have become more or less a social identifier which gives information about the demographics of the people who are located in a certain region.

Incomplete or invalid Postal Code of Rewari mentioned in the letters will lead to non-delivery of letter to the designated individuals or companies or organizations and so on. Thus it is vital to specify the proper postal code on the letter and cross-examine the same some time recently dropping it within the letterbox.